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    Your Home Electric & Generator Experts!

    Your Home Electric & Generator Experts!

    Your Home Electric & Generator Experts!

    Your Home Electric & Generator Experts!

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      McWire Electric provides quality electrical service at an honest price. Our knowledgeable technicians strive to install an efficient, reliable product and develop a safe work environment. With an attention to detail, we are focused on the needs of the customer, creating products and relations that will last for years!
      McWire Electric is a licensed and insured electrical contractor servicing the Metro Detroit area. With over 20 years experience and specializing in residential and commercial applications we can handle all your electrical needs. We work closely with customers, designers and builders to create a complete electrical system that is unique to your specific needs. Click one of the links below to start customizing your experience with McWire Electric.
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      From a ceiling fan install to a custom new construction home, our years of residential experience and our attention to detail make us a great choice for your next project. Click below to find more information about our Residential Services.
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      McWire electric came out and gave me a price for my generator. They were not the cheapest but after talking with some other company's I chose McWire to do my job. What a smooth experience working with Jamie. Not only is he the owner but he is the master electrician. 5 days after they put it in we had a power outage and the generator worked just a promised.
      William T.
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      I was having issues with the plugs in my Kitchen. Mcwire came out and diagnosed my issue in less than a half hour. They showed me the issue and had it fixed within the hour. The price was right and the work was perfect.
      Elizabeth D.
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      McWire electric is the best company I have ever worked with. My electrical wiring was from the 1920's these guys are knowledgeable and it was a smooth experience working with them. They were able to solve my problems and the bill was much less than I expected. If I ever need an electrican in the future these guys will be my first call, sometimes you just find the best companies by chance.
      Devonta B.
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      Evan and Kyle were at my house to replace the electric panel at my house. I had the old screw in fuse panel. These guys were fast and even cleaned up after themselves. I really Evan and Kyle i would recommend them to all of my friends.
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      Popular Questions

      Ensuring your electrical panel is safe is crucial for the overall safety of your home. Here are some signs to look out for to assess its safety:
      Age of the Panel: Electrical panels typically last around 20-30 years. If yours is approaching or exceeding this age, it may be wise to consider an inspection or upgrade.
      1. Tripping Breakers: Occasional tripping of breakers is normal, but frequent tripping could indicate overloaded circuits or faulty breakers.
      2. Buzzing or Crackling Noises: These noises could indicate loose connections or faulty breakers, which are potential fire hazards.
      3. Burn Marks or Discoloration: Any signs of burning or discoloration around the panel or on breakers should be addressed immediately.
      4. Warmth or Heat: Panels may become warm during normal operation, but excessive heat could indicate an issue.
      5. Double Tapping: If there are multiple wires connected to a single breaker (double tapping), it could be a code violation and potentially unsafe.
      6. Panel Type: Certain brands or models of electrical panels (like Federal Pacific or Zinco Electric panels) have been known to be problematic and are considered less safe.
      7. Fuse Panel: Fuse Panels are not inherently dangerous however due to their age there is a good chance of corrosion or internal damage. Fuse Panels can also have improper sized fuses screwed in which can cause a dangerous situation.

      To ensure your panel is safe, consider having a qualified electrician from McWire Electric conduct a thorough inspection. They can identify any potential hazards and recommend necessary repairs or upgrades to keep your home safe from electrical hazards.